Speech and Language Evaluations

A speech and language evaluation will measure your child’s communication skills. The evaluation will asses the child’s speech, language, and communication abilities. The evaluation usually includes oral motor, fluency, pragmatic, feeding/swallowing, and vocal quality assessments. Before your child is evaluated, you may be asked a series of questions including health history, developmental history, family, speech and language behaviors and school history. Clinical observation, standardized testing, and play-based assessments are used to conduct the evaluation.


Speech and Language Therapy

Therapy is based on information gathered from the speech and language evaluation. Based on these findings, goals will be set to improve the child communication skills so that they are at an age appropriate level. Every child is different. Some children will show immediate improvement, while others may take a longer time to achieve goals set. The more serious the speech disorder, the longer the therapy usually takes. Since most of our patients are referred by the regional center, majority are seen at home, with the exception of insurance clients that have to be at our office in West Covina.

Private Services

Some parents feel that their child needs additional therapy aside from the therapy received at school or through insurance. We offer private assessments and therapy. Please contact our office for rates and additional information.

Insurance Services

We are currently accepting:
Anthem Blue Cross
Blue shield of California
United Health Care
Kaiser (in process of becoming a provider)
Health Net (in process of becoming a provider)


  • Phonology
  • Articulation
  • Speech and Language  Delay
  • Auditory Processing
  • Dysphasia
  • Stuttering
  • Apraxia
  • Oral Motor
  • Autism
  • PROMPT Trained
  • Hanen Trained
  • PECS Trained
  • AAC
  • Aphasia
  • Voice